Brandy Garcia

Jewelry maker

artist bio

Construction and design have always interested me. Before realizing my desire for creating unique small scale items such as jewelry and personal adornments, I studied Architectural Engineering and Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduation and settling back in San Antonio, I continued to pursue my craft and Studied Jewelry and Metalwork at Southwest School of Art. My design style is ever evolving, not only due to personal aesthetics, but also in part to evolving knowledge and adapting new design techniques and grasping a better understanding of new materials. Whether the medium is in textiles or jewelry, a constant characteristic in my design is clean, minimal style which I feel is greatly attributed to my analytical background. While I work on a variety of mediums, I tend to gravitate towards jewelry design most often. My jewelry designs tend to be constructed primarily from metals such as Copper, Brass, Sterling Silver and Fine Silver, in addition to infusing bold semi-precious stones.